Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I apply to obtain a possible award through this charity?

A) Obtain an application Form via the Secretary Karen Phillips. (Details found Under How to Apply).

Q. Is there any minimum or maximum amount I can apply for?

A) No, there is no upper or lower limit but you will have to clearly indicate how your request is made up.

Q. How do trustees decide whether my application is to be successful?

A) Each application is considered individually on merit. You will not be in competition with other applicants. You are asked to supply as much information on your letter of application AND application form as possible. The more we know about candidates the better.

Q. Do I have to attend in person?

A) No

Q. In what form are awards issued?

A) They are always issued in the form of a cheque.

Q. How often do the Trustees meet?

A) About 4 times a year

Q. How long might I have to wait for my award if successful?

A) This depends on what you are asking for and when. The secretary will inform you of the date of the next meeting when your application will be considered. Sometimes we are able to make awards very quickly. At other times you have to issue receipts for books, equipment, travel etc before a cheque is issued.

Q. Can I include the cost of any Professional Fees in my application?

A) No, our schedule does not permit these.

Q. Does your charity give grants for sporting purposes?

A) No. This question has been fully discussed and debated and agreed in August 2019 that the awarding of grants for sporting purposes does NOT come under the auspices of Science and/or Art. The Wolverton & Science Institute never served any purpose with regard to the study of sport in any shape or form as far as we are aware.

Q. Is there any age limited to those who can apply?

A) The majority of our applicants tend to be of a younger age group notably those at school, in further education, at university or receiving apprenticeships but there is no age limit providing your application meets our requirements.

Q. Can I submit supporting letters from professional or similar persons?

A) Yes, if you wish, but these are not essential.

Q. If I am unsuccessful is there an appeal process?

A) Sorry No. The secretary will inform you of the results of the trustees’ deliberations.

Q. I’ve discovered that where I live, work or am educated is not in the Area of Benefit. Are there other charities that I could apply to?

A) Yes. There are the following :-

Miss. Karen Phillips 01908 563350 who is secretary to the following charities:-

Calverton Apprenticing Charity

Elmers Charity

Elmers School Charity

Ancell Trust

Whalley’s Apprenticing Charity

Catherine Feathestone Charity