After checking that you meet the criteria for a grant, you can download the appropriate application form below. If you are still unsure whether you qualify, please contact secretary Karen Philips, either by phone or eMail:

Telephone 01908 563350

Application Forms

Download the appropriate form below. The DOCX versions are easier to complete and return online.

Application Form for Individuals (PDF)
Application Form for Individuals (DOCX)

Application Form for Groups/Organisations (PDF)
Application Form for Groups/Organisations (DOCX)

Complete the form with as much detail as you can and then return to the Secretary, via email to the address above or by post to:

Miss K Phillips
Wolverton Science and Arts Institute Fund
78 London Road
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1JH

A covering letter alongside the application is recommended, as it helps to give a fuller picture of your project. Your application will then be discussed by the trustees at their next meeting. On rare occasions applications have been discussed in between meetings but this is a rarity.